Power respects power. We are in a world where some people and institutions use it in a way that hurts others. There are those that use their power for good, but sometimes that can be hard to find. I tend to lean toward the opinion that it’s important to find our own sources of power instead of waiting for someone in a position of power to help us. If those who already have power decide to lend a helping hand, great. But it is wise not to hold ones breath in expectation. The case is usually that people and institutions with power like to interact with those who have the same characteristic. This presents a dilemma for the average person, small business, or group of people. What I advise is that people discover what makes them unique and harness that power to level the playing field in their favor. Perhaps you have a tremendous amount of charisma and are able to inspire people like none other. Or maybe you have a great network of people that you are surrounded by. There are some people who have an incredible prayer life and connection to the Most High, through that they are able to maintain a higher perspective on life. I suggest that whatever power you have at your disposal, you find a way to maximize it and use it to the utmost of its potential. Then you will begin to gain the respect of others that have tapped into their power.

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