I had the chance to watch the biopic about Tupac Shakur, All Eyes on Me. According to the film, Tupac reached a point in his career where he was ready to start his own media company. In one scene, Tupac approached the CEO of the label he was an artist on, Suge Knight. He shared his plan with Suge, thanking him for all he had done for him, but telling Suge it was time for him to leave and start his own business and be his own man. Suge pulled out a ledger where he’d kept track of every expense he had covered for Tupac’s career while he was signed to his label, Death Row Records. It turned out that Tupac was deeply in debt to the label, and he had to give up trying to pursue his own company at the time. This scene goes to show that it’s important to know who is contributing to your cause, because one day, when you no longer need that person’s help, they may refuse to let you go until you pay them for everything they gave you. I do know how true this part of the documentary was, but the lesson to me was clear.

We need to discern the people who will support what we are doing because they truly believe in it, whether that support benefits them or not. Additional resources of human capital will be attracted to us when we stop looking to other people to solve our problems or reach our goals. It’ important to know that developing successful solutions requires interdependence. However, we can only grow into healthy interdependence when we have experienced and established our own independence.

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