Once you discover and gain power, the temptation to abuse it may arise. Recognize this is part of human nature and it’s normal for this type of test to come. When it does, we must do our best to refocus on what the highest use of our power is. And that is to be a solution for ourselves, families, communities, businesses, nation, and world. You were meant to be an answer to someone’s problem. We are in a society that is becoming more and more self-centered. The letter “I” is becoming the end-all-be-all for many people. The danger in this is that when people stop using their power to help one another, they will use it against one another to come out ahead.

A family, community, or city cannot withstand an “I”-only mentality. There must be people that balance out the equation with a “what about us” mentality. We cannot truly be well when those close to us are hurting. Which is why we must continuously evaluate whether we are maximizing our power for the proper use. Sometimes, we must be reminded why we were given power in the first place. It’s good to visit the old neighborhood every now and then or look at pictures of who you used to be and how far you have come.

There may be a little kid who is now sitting in the place where you once sat. You have the voice that reflects their struggle, their hopes and aspirations. Remembering your own struggle to become who you are may be the spark needed to re-awaken your fire. Don’t dampen the fire that propelled you to your success. Continue to connect your power to that fire. This is the only way you will have fire power! As you develop and execute solutions, accept that the results won’t happen overnight. If you don’t keep perspective, you’ll get frustrated and give up hope when you don’t see immediate results. You must trust the process and celebrate small wins. Small wins lead to the big wins that give birth to your ultimate goals.

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