An essential part to harnessing your power is to determine what motivates you. What in life are you passionate about and what do you want to see changed? I now lean deeper into the things that tend to spark my consistent interest. I used to think these interests were random, until I spent more time thinking about why they kept coming to mind. If an idea or a concept keeps coming back to you, you have discovered a new motivation. Continue to chase that curiosity until it is satisfied. The Creator has a mysterious way of nudging us toward the solution we will be to the world. Our motivations change and evolve throughout our lifetime. Because of this, you will discover new passions and ways to exhibit your power.

I watched a very inspirational Complex Magazine interview featuring Kendrick Lamar. He was asked what his motivation was today, as opposed to when he first started rapping. He has achieved so much success and realized several goals that he set out for long ago. Kendrick acknowledged that his goals have changed. When he started his career, he was focused on annihilating every rapper who he hopped on a beat with. But at this point in his career, it has become less about annihilation and more about creating great music.

As we can see from Kendrick’s growth, we too will grow once we ascertain long term goals and broaden our perspectives. The important thing is not so much what the object of our motivation is, but our level of hunger for it. When we lose our hunger, we lose our focus and ultimately our way. An essential way we can keep our hunger alive is by following our curiosities, even when they seem random and unrelated to what we are currently doing. The fire of motivation is necessary, and we must continue to fan it into a flame if we are going to realize our full purpose. Sometimes it is only by exploring multiple paths at once that we discover our true calling. Master motivator and successful business leader, Lisa Nichols, stated, “life is a long time and we will discover new motivations throughout it.”

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