We can easily give up our power if we forget we have it. There are moments that tests our limits and we feel powerless. The truth is, our power hasn’t gone anywhere, it’s that we need to adapt so we can apply it to a new context (one which isn’t part of our experience yet). That is the challenge. Rediscovering our power throughout our lifetime is one of the most difficult endeavors we will engage in. Think about it: how do you find your power again after a goal you’ve pursued for years continues to elude you? How do you find your power when you’ve been laid off? What if the business you have invested so much into goes belly up? How do you find your power when the last hit record you put out was over a decade ago and the music landscape is more competitive than it’s ever been?

I’ll tell you how. First, you must remember that you still have power. I can’t stress the importance of this truth. Our psychological state plays a huge role in how we express our power. And if we’ve given up our confidence in the power we possess, it’s as if we didn’t have any power to begin with. As a man thinketh, so is he. You might go through seasons in life when you are not able to operate at your full capacity. That’s just a part of life. Despite that, you must hold on to your belief in the inner power you possess.

Next, you must exercise your power even during seasons of life when you feel it’s incongruent. What I mean by this is that you must continue to practice and prepare for the moment when you are called upon again to deliver a solution through an expression of your power. The people we typically respect and admire the most are those who continue to hone their power in secret so they can demonstrate excellence in public when the opportunity arrives.

Don’t suppress your power to be accepted, either. This is a road that leads to misery and unfulfillment. Remain uniquely you and persist in finding ways to effectively reveal your greatness. If opportunities allowing you to unleash your power are not present, create them. Waiting on others to recognize your contribution can be frustrating. And if the power you display is a threat to others, it will be even harder to bust through this obstacle. Rather than wait on others’ approval, create something yourself and then attract the bigger players to it later. Often, you will need to generate some wins on your own before other people get behind you.

Then, you must plan on facing one of the greatest threats to maintaining your personal power: success. I’ve observed and experienced a scenario in which once a little more money starts coming in and a little more fame has been garnered, people are lulled into apathy. When you are hungry for a breakthrough, you must run on all cylinders and stay acute. Once your initial hunger is satisfied, it becomes difficult to match the level of intensity you once had. When we are in the process of discovering our solution, our level of hunger for change will maximize our power. When more money and notoriety are bestowed upon us, we may become more conservative and try not to rock the boat of public opinion (for fear of losing out on more opportunities). This leads to a decreased potency. Too many times, people who could have made an even larger impact sell themselves short for a few extra dollars. Don’t give away your power in this way.

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