Limitations are meant to be broken, if not by you, then those who come after. Let the only reason why some limitations in your life went unbroken be because you ran out of time. Always be working toward realizing your fullest potential and setting your successors up to do the same.

There’s a story of an ancient general who when visiting a magnificent countryside, saw a beautiful forest with trees that were 100 feet tall. He asked his lieutenant what kind of trees they were because he wanted to grow them in his homeland. The general responded, “this particular type of tree takes fifty years to grow to the height you now see, my general.” The general replied, “I guess we better start planting them today then.” With this mindset, the general was setting the next generation of his people up to enjoy these magnificent trees.

Ask yourself what you can set up in your lifetime for those who come after you to enjoy.

What’s considered a limitation by others can be an opportunity for you. Just because someone is hindered by what they believe is not possible doesn’t mean you must share their same sentiment of doubt. Dare to believe bigger about yourself and others. Find a way to do a little more than what you thought was possible. Sometimes tapping into your full potential comes in small incremental stages. This plays out in real time as taking a little risk here, a little audacity there, a little looking more beyond the backdrop of your immediate horizon. Instead of thinking about everything you can’t do, make a list of everything you can do. One thing is for certain, you don’t want to be the same five years later as you are now. Tony Robbins postulates that the key to happiness is progress. Robbins goes further and says that when our blueprint for life doesn’t match our life conditions, we find the source of our unhappiness.

To become the solution, you must make progress. Unhappiness and unfulfillment are signs of stagnation somewhere within your life. If you find yourself regularly depressed, before you let the doctor prescribe pills with terrible side effects, look at which areas of life you are complacent in. This act alone is the catalyst you need to break past current limitations and find happiness again. The path to making this happen is to work at unlocking your fullest potential at your current stage in life and keep making progress toward your goal. This means giving your all to whatever you are pursuing.

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