The “greats” develop the ability to persevere through pain long enough to catch their second wind. They learn to turn the anxiety and hurt into a source of motivation, pushing them past their current level of satisfaction. Great people refuse to accept the box others try to place them in. They dig their heels in and work until the vision they have of themselves becomes a reality. Instead of yielding to life’s challenges, they always manage to find the silver lining in their darkest moments.

Great people pull from something deep inside, having no need to look to the external to motivate them. They are busy working in silence while the rest of the world goes on with its loud announcements of what it is doing. Great people make announcements too, but their announcements are the finished masterpieces they have created when no one was paying them any attention.

When they speak, there is a tremendous amount of weight behind their words because they are stating facts about who they are, they don’t need to embellish their accomplishments.


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