I’m excited to finally announce that my second book,¬†You Are the Solution – Awakening the Entrepreneurial Spirit Within, will be published and released in February¬† 2020 through Rebel Firm Books. I’ve spent over 5 years working on this project and to be this close to getting it into the reader’s hands is a surreal moment. I wrote this book to be a source of practical motivation for people who desire to change their environments and who are not going to wait on outside entities to do it for them (because maybe they never will). Things the reader will glean from the book is how to harness the power of personal belief, approaches to entrepreneurship (whether they have a business or not), and how to succeed in important relationships. Getting a strong understanding and application of these principles will help the reader lead a more successful, fulfilling, and impactful life. The book will be available for pre-order in the coming weeks as soon as we review and approve the proof copies from the printing companies we are working with. Thank you for your support.




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