With the passing of my hero, Kobe Bryant, I am entering the reflection stage of the grief process. I’m thinking about lessons his life taught me and one of those is how to turn your work into your craft. Kobe referred to basketball as his craft during his career. He had an obsession to get better every year and would approach the game like a mad scientist. Kobe would tinker, experiment, and try new things on the court in order to get any edge that he could over his opponent. I heard Kobe talk about how he once read the Referee handbook to get a better understanding of how the refs have to be positioned during certain times of the game. He used this to know how he could make specific plays to exploit the angles that refs would most likely view the players from. Kobe was a different type of beast! Understanding this about Kobe continues to motivate me in how I approach my work, turning the various things that I do into crafts that lead to masterpieces. It is easy to get bored with day to day work, but if we can create a product or experience that we can be proud of, our work will be more invigorating and fulfilling.

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