Empower Yourself to Empower Others

We’ve all been endowed with equipment that can enable us to empower ourselves to do great things. This equipment comes in the forms of talents, gifts, personality, attitude, physical ability, connections, and more. If we tap into and use this equipment the right way, it has the potential to open up amazing opportunities for us. This is an exciting prospect if you think about it. It saddens me when I see people who don’t realize their potential. There are infinite possibilities within us just waiting to be unleashed, we are just one connection or idea away from it becoming real. Once we know this, we will never be the same again. Everyday is a day of expectation and curiosity because we are actively searching for the next ingredient that will unlock another piece of our destiny.

Once we become empowered in a certain area, it’s necessary to use that power to begin to lift up others who are seeking to more fully know their own power. Humanity suffers when some people are allowed to discover new facets of themselves, while others are not. This is the dilemma with the have’s and the have not’s. I truly believe that our power (and influence) increases when we take the time to light the other human candles around us that are hungry to shine and provide light. Think how silly it would be if only one house or building had power in an entire neighborhood or city. Similarly, it’s not a good look when we are empowered (in power) and those around us are not. Spread the wealth as you are able.


How to change your life

Have you ever been at a place in life where you realize that you want something different than what you are currently getting? Perhaps you realize that you want better relationships, want to make more money, be healthier, or make more of an impact in the world. In flashes of inspiration we may begin to take some preliminary steps to go in a different direction, but then we get discouraged because “real” life sets in and we then go back to our old habits. This can leave us even more discouraged because we then begin to lose hope in our ability to change anything. Well, I’m here today to offer you some solutions if you are currently here. Change is inevitable, the trick is being able to position yourself to prosper from change in the way you desire when it occurs. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind that will help you implement the change you want to see in your life.

  1. Write down what you want. Many of us don’t get what we want because we don’t know what we want in the first place. You have to go through the exercise of defining in very specific terms what you want. When you do this and write it down, you train your mind to recognize the things necessary to obtain it. It’s sort of like when you buy a certain type of car, you then begin to see other people driving the same type of car as you. You’ve created an emotional posted note for your brain, and your brain begins to subconsciously connect the dots for you. I’ve had so many opportunities come my way because I clearly defined what I wanted. When you live from the place of your vision, you see things on a whole new level which transcends your current circumstances.
  2. Do something everyday related to the change you want to see. World renowned speaker and trainer Tony Robbins says that we are the result of our daily rituals. This is so true. We become what we consistently do. If you smoke everyday, you become known as a smoker. If you read everyday, you become known as a reader. When you “x” everyday, you become known as… you fill in the blank. The greatest change comes from doing small consistent things on a daily basis as oppose to doing really huge things inconsistently. To see real change in your life, you have to become intentional about creating new habits and sticking to them. The goal is to make the positive change you desire a part of your nature. This is where most people give up, fail, and go back to their original normal which only gets them more of want they don’t like in the first place.
  3. Get mentors or friends (or both) that are where you want to be. This is critical. You need to surround yourself with like minded people who are as “crazy” as you are. I say crazy because the people whom you associate with that are part of your current reality will not understand why you are trying to make the changes you are attempting. To them, you will appear crazy because you are breaking their “normal” construct. And if they understand, they may hinder you from  trying to get to your new destination in life because they want you to stay where they’re at. When you try to better your situation, it can make the people currently around you uncomfortable. So it is imperative to begin to bring new people into your life who will support, affirm, and assist you in the changes you are making. They will act as coaches and partners that uplift you when you feel like giving up. We are the product of our 5 closest relationships.
  4. Measure your progress. It’s not always easy to spot when change is occurring in your life. So every now and then you need to stop and take inventory of where you started and where you are currently at. When you measure your results, it will encourage you when you see how far you have come. That’s why personal trainers have their clients take before and after pictures. You may not notice a 2 pound weight loss with your naked eye, but it feels good when you see a lower weight on the scale. Measuring your progress also allows you see what isn’t working. If you are not making any progress within a certain amount of time, that may be a sign that you need to try a different strategy to reach your aim.
  5. Feed Your Mind. You have to fuel your mind with images, literature, and experiences that align with the change you seek after. Your mind is your most powerful ally in changing your life. Your thoughts will either make you or break you. The information we consume acts as the gasoline that takes us where we want to go. Listen to motivational speeches, read autobiographies, listen to empowering music, and watch shows that will inspire you on your journey. Also seek to create new experiences for yourself that allow you to envision yourself living in the change you desire. Go look at houses in the neighborhood you want to live in, test drive the car you want to drive, save up and go on a trip, etc.

Change is possible in your life. You have to believe it at your core and continue to reaffirm that belief through action, thought, and whom you associate with. You are powerful and can do all things. See you at the top!


Put your head down and work

When a little success comes, it’s easy to become complacent and begin to stop doing the things that made that very bit of success possible. That’s the absolute worst time to let off the gas is when you you are making some progress. Momentum is a difficult thing to gain but can be lost before you know it. It’s smart to reflect on your success in order to evaluate what you are doing right and what can be done better, but then it’s soon time to get back to the grind and keep pushing forward. Opportunities are not easy to come by in this modern day. The competition is thick and fierce on every front. Any open door you get should be treated with the utmost respect and well executed upon. Stop reading your own press and continue to find ways to make new press, that is, history.


Figure out a way to win

No one wants to be a failure in life. Whoever signs up to lose at something is more than likely off of their rocker. However, losses will come whether we like it or not. It’s just a fact of life. But losing isn’t final and we can find ways to succeed even when we don’t win the trophy we were hoping for. The key is to never give up and to be relentless in your pursuit of coming out on top. The longer you persevere and refuse to quit, you will begin to find creative ways to make it to the winners circle especially if you can’t make it there by taking the traditional route. What counts in the end is to keep going. Some people won’t respect your gifts, talents, personality, and abilities. But one thing no one will ever deny and something that everyone respects is work ethic. People with a strong work ethic will always find a way to get to their destination. A strong work ethic enables you to create momentum and it frees you from relying on other people to discover and cosign you. Winners constantly think about winning and are able to overcome the most difficult of odds to get to where they belong… the winners circle.


The Key Ingredients that make Greatness Possible

Great people have the ability to make things look easy. When we see the finished product, it’s easy for us to take for granted the amount of work that goes into to making that product what it is. That work is often very difficult because it requires consistent and intense effort. Sacrifice is also a significant part of becoming great at something. There are many things (and opportunities) that greatness requires that we give up in order to succeed in a specific area. I truly believe that greatness is possible for all of us to achieve. We just have to be willing to do the hard things that don’t gain recognition. We have to grind in the dark while no one is watching so we can execute at a high level when it’s game time.


Make Time For Your Passion

For me, there aren’t many greater feelings than earning money doing something that I’m passionate about. It’s part of my happiness. No matter how busy I get, I always try to make room for the things I’m passionate about whether they earn income or not. Because my time is valuable, I have to put my time where there is a high potential return on investment (and that’s not just a financial return either). I’ve heard and read about several people who are high income earners but hate what they are doing. Money is only one part of the equation. It’s necessary to block sacred time out to do things that you love, and would do even if you didn’t get paid for it. But here’s the trick, if you do something you love (that provides some sort of service to humanity), more than likely you will become great at it and people will be willing to pay you for your passion. Win win situation right.

At the end of the day, working on your passions gives life to the soul and also gives you a deeper significance as a human being beyond just paying bills, sitting in traffic, and building someone else’s empire. You have to guard this time with your life because you will be a much happier, productive, and loving member of society if you are building something you can be proud of.


Write Your Own Story

No one can beat you at being you. Sometimes we live in fear of missing out or giving up opportunities because we live from a place of scarcity rather than abundance. Because of this, we can find ourselves not being true to who we are and behaving certain ways in order to be liked, respected, and included. When we do this, we lose our essence and what makes us special. We then begin to live life from another script and not the one intended for us. If we are not careful, we will let our need to fit in dictate what we do, say, and the impact we ultimately have.

We have to dare to be ourselves… to write our own stories, or better yet, live out the one the Great Author originally purposed for us. Some people will be upset with you when you embark on this journey, but this isn’t their life. It’s yours and you alone will have to live with the decisions you made and the legacy you leave. If it’s in you to dream big, then dream big and live a large life. If that’s not your make-up, live according to the pattern that suits you best. Live a real life and not just from a material stand point. Dare to see yourself as your best self and attempt to live from that place even before you get there. Often times, there is a gravitational pull that tries to keep us where we are currently at. Fight to grow beyond this, no matter the cost. There is always a rich reward on the other side of this battle. Start writing out your story today.


Developing the Habit of Coming up with New Ideas

Have you ever had an idea that you didn’t act on and then saw someone else do it? That has happened to me several times. I was telling my wife that at the beginning of last year I came up with an idea to pay for stuff with our phones. While I was jogging, I realized that if I wanted to buy something while I was out running, I’d be out of luck. Normally I only have my cell phone on me when I run, so I thought there should be a way to pay for things with your phone. And this was before this was a feature on our phones, as it is today. Even though I wasn’t able to execute this idea in a timely matter (I’m sure several other people smarter than I am had been working on this idea years before I thought of it), it was fun thinking about it and even realizing that it was a great idea when I begin to see commercials by different credit card companies offering this service.

It’s important to always be coming up with new ideas and implement the ones that you can. I have some ideas that came to me 10 years ago that I am just now starting to carry out. There are other ideas that I know are great, but I won’t act upon them because they are not my true passion (or I don’t have the current resources to carry them out). These are the types of ideas that I pass along to people that I think will take and run with them. Coming up with new ideas daily keeps you relevant and valuable, especially when you are able to execute on some. The more ideas that you deliberately come up with, the more easily they will come. Creativity begets more creativity.