You’re Closer to Your Dream Than You Know

Don’t ever throw in the towel on your dreams. As long as you have breath, push toward them and never let them go. They are meant to become reality. The adversity you face is just an indicator of how great your dream is and the impact it will have on those around you. The obstacles are meant to build your character and give you the proper perspective once these dreams are tangible. Every dreamer has it rough. Every visionary will feel like giving up at one point or another. You are not alone, the difference between success and failure is perseverance. That’s all. If you can hang in there you will make it.


A Chief Attribute of Good Leadership

I am convinced that in order to be a good leader, the more selfless the person in that role must become. Often when we think of being selfless, we may picture someone in rags and begging for alms. I want to demolish that view. A selfless person is someone who has matured to the point where they are more eager to improve the lives of those around them than solely their own. They have grown to a place where they are able to balance their own wants and needs without sacrificing the welfare of those that follow. One of two things has probably occured in such a leader’s life in order for this state of being to happen. They have been so humbled by the life that they have an accurate perspective on what is really important. The other event(s) that may have happened is they have been so blessed and their self esteem so satisfied that they realize the importance of pouring into other people now (since this need has been met in themselves for so long). Every leader’s journey is different, but the hallmark of a leader’s character is the ability to lose themselves for the good of those that follow. And generally the leader is wise enough to have built a great team of core people around him or her that will make sure the leader’s needs and wants are fulfilled as well.