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Make Productivity a Habit

You want productivity to become a habit, not a sporadic event. If you want to produce something meaningful, you must train yourself to be consistent when you aren’t feeling it. The difference separating the extraordinary from average people is they simply won’t give up. They are relentless. You have to wake up every day and...

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Philip “Sharp Skills” Jacobs announces new book “You Are the Solution” and Release Date

I’m excited to finally announce that my second book, You Are the Solution – Awakening the Entrepreneurial Spirit Within, will be published and released in February  2020 through Rebel Firm Books. I’ve spent over 5 years working on this project and to be this close to getting it into the reader’s hands is a surreal moment....

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Want to know what the world both fears and needs the most? STRONG BLACK MEN. Simply put, we tha shit. 🔥 #RebelFirm #SharpSkills
about 2 months ago | @thesharpskills

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