On My Rebel Ish (Physical Album)


Sharp Skills’ 4th album, On My Rebel Ish, is controversial, powerful, and thought provoking. Sharp addresses serious topics such as racism, poverty, and the challenge of being a man today. He also lightens it up with songs you can two step with, make babies to, and reminisce on your childhood with. This is truly a life album! All copies will be autographed before they are shipped out.


  1. By the Way (Rebelsentatives)
  2. For the Riders Only
  3. Stock Exchange
  4. Same Ol’ Two Step
  5. African Sports Car f. Shay
  6. Until It Ignites
  7. Triple Double
  8. Angel Watching Over Me f. Adrian Sims
  9. Hard Being a Man f. Anthony Cruz and Philosophy
  10. Baby Makin’ Music
  11. Little Kids







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