Now fully confident in his growing Rebel movement, Sharp Skills releases Revolution Music Volume 3. Sharp takes a different approach on this mixtape by using original production and verbalizing riskier subject matter. He speaks about what it means to be a boss, breaking up with a girlfriend, losing close friends, and racism. He even gives tid bits to his future plans for releasing a clothing line (Reignment Clothing) and teaching business and entrepreneurship. This mixtape was so potent that it caught the ear of Seattle Kube 93’s DJ Hyphen, who interviewed and featured Sharp Skills on his show Sunday Night Sound Sessions. Sharp was inspired to intertwine scenes from the movie Hoodlum and his music due to his mindframe at this time in his life, when he was having to play real life chess in the local hip hop scene. Something mobb boss Bumpy Johnson (from Hoodlum) was doing in his environment during his time, which was 1930’s Harlem.

1. Bumpy Johnson Speaks
2. Hunger
3. Get It Poppin
4. Hustle Hard
5. Bumpy Johnson Speaks
6. Just Leaning
7. Ones That Made It
8. The Captor
9. Bumpy Johnson Speaks
10. Never That
11. Intermission
12. Bumpy Johnson Speaks
13. Dark Side Of The Light
14. Bumpy Johnson Speaks
15. Date From Hell
16. Maturity
17. Slave’s mentality Pt. II
18. Bumpy Johnson Speaks
19. Awesome God 07
20. Trilogy Completed
21. Bumpy Johnson Speaks
22. Fate Or destiny


Revolution Music Volume 3 (Mixtape)

Artist :
Title : Revolution Music Vol. 3
Release Date : June 26, 2007
Label : , , ,
Format : CD