A revolution started brewing in Sharp Skills’ heart in 2006. That revolution was to inspire a generation of rebels who are driven to go against the grain of what a corrupt system tells them to be by daring to reach their full God-given potential. Thus, Revolution Music Volume 1 was born. Sharp conquers some of the greatest mainstream production of that time by infusing his clever wordplay, intricate lyrcism, and potent delivery.


1) The Standard
2) R.E.B.E.L. Party
3) Crackalate
4) Consistency
5) Heart Offering
6) Ya Understand
7) Smile (feat. Takiyah Burns)
8) Enjoying Life
9) Soldier Psalm
10) Slave Mentality (feat. Sharonda Shaw)
11) Love – remix (feat. Japhia Life, Dave Booker)
12) Free From Lonliness
13) R.E.B.E.L. Party (Continued)


Revolution Music Volume 1 (Mixtape)

Artist :
Title : Revolution Music Volume 1
Release Date : July 4, 2006
Label : , , ,
Format : CD