Tablets of the Heart is one of Sharp Skills’ most personal albums. Having reflected on some of the greatest tragedies he experienced throughout his life such as his father passing when Sharp was a senior in high school, his near death experiences, being ostracized from his church, and health challenges- Sharp Skills had a ball of emotions to release and this project was the result. Available for free download on

1.Tablets of the Heart Intro.
2.The K.I.D.S. (The Kingdom In Dope Sneakers)
3.Take Me Home feat. xlsrebelsx
4.I’m Easy
5.Turn Me Up
6.Mini Mogul
7.All Gray Everything
8.R.E.B.E.L. Blues
9.Hang On My Cross
10.Moving Under Fire feat. Fauske
11.R.E.B.E.L.’s Paradise
12.My Ferrari
13.I’m Easy (Big Homie Version)
14.Turn Me Up (Remix) feat. Tha Mic
15.Mini Mogul (Remix) feat. SaulPaul



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Tablets of the Heart (Mixtape)

Artist :
Title : Tablets of the Heart
Release Date : November 28, 2013
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Format : Digital Download