The Responsibility is Sharp Skills’ first album. This was Sharp in his rawest form with a gritty delivery, high lyrical intensity, and emotional/thought provoking subject matter. This album was released when Sharp was 19 years old and roughly a year after he buried his biological father and step dad (within 6 weeks of one another). Most of the album centers around Sharp’s spiritual awakening and his faith. Sharp Skills self produced half of this album because he couldn’t find producers who would keep their word about sending him beats. The G1 Anthem became the anthem of a movement in which many faith based emcess in the Washinton area came together to encourage and empower their respective communities.

1. The responsibility
2. Say what
3. G1 anthem
4. Therapy
5. Be who you be
6. Attacking me
7. Stand firm
8. Got my mission
9. Toward the sky
10. Baby girl
11. Real man
12. Should be done
13. Special way
14. This war
15. Been here


The Responsibility (Album)

Artist :
Title : The Responsibility
Release Date : November 16, 2004
Label : ,
Format : CD