How to have MORE and do MORE

Sometimes, we find ourselves stuck in life. We have dreams and aspirations that we want to accomplish, but lack the resources or know how to carry them out. If this reality persists for a long time, many throw in the towel altogether and stop trying to achieve what they want. I’m starting to realize that if there is something that you want to have or do, you have to become obsessed with it. You may not be able to control when you will get it, but you can control if you get it or not. By being obsessed with it, you actually begin to intentionally and unintentionally do things that bring you closer to your desired outcome. I believe that your obsessions (the healthy ones) are a sign that the Creator has something for you in that particular area. I use to think I was going too hard in certain areas, only to later understand that God put that drive in me to accomplish or gain something in particular. Use that fire to drive you to places you’ve never been before. That fire is the faith (found in scripture) that can really move mountains.


The Life Altering Power of Goal Setting

An investment that I’ve seen yield tremendous returns in my life is taking the time out to write down my goals. When you write something out, it really helps make your thinking clearer and gives you a more vivid picture of how to arrive there. I can’t really describe it, but seeing something visually makes it that much more tangible. This is life altering because you will find yourself both consciously and subconsciously, ¬†aligning your life around these respective milestones. You’ll feel an inner nagging when you begin to stray and this helps you get back onto the right path. Goal setting grounds you in truth because it enables you to measure how you are performing in life and cuts out the superfluous activity that ultimately leads nowhere. We all need some sort of feedback in order to improve as people, professionals, so on and so forth. Using goals as a barometer can act as a systematic approach to unlocking new levels of potential.