The Life Altering Power of Goal Setting

An investment that I’ve seen yield tremendous returns in my life is taking the time out to write down my goals. When you write something out, it really helps make your thinking clearer and gives you a more vivid picture of how to arrive there. I can’t really describe it, but seeing something visually makes it that much more tangible. This is life altering because you will find yourself both consciously and subconsciously, ¬†aligning your life around these respective milestones. You’ll feel an inner nagging when you begin to stray and this helps you get back onto the right path. Goal setting grounds you in truth because it enables you to measure how you are performing in life and cuts out the superfluous activity that ultimately leads nowhere. We all need some sort of feedback in order to improve as people, professionals, so on and so forth. Using goals as a barometer can act as a systematic approach to unlocking new levels of potential.


Write Your Own Story

No one can beat you at being you. Sometimes we live in fear of missing out or giving up opportunities because we live from a place of scarcity rather than abundance. Because of this, we can find ourselves not being true to who we are and behaving certain ways in order to be liked, respected, and included. When we do this, we lose our essence and what makes us special. We then begin to live life from another script and not the one intended for us. If we are not careful, we will let our need to fit in dictate what we do, say, and the impact we ultimately have.

We have to dare to be ourselves… to write our own stories, or better yet, live out the one the Great Author originally purposed for us. Some people will be upset with you when you embark on this journey, but this isn’t their life. It’s yours and you alone will have to live with the decisions you made and the legacy you leave. If it’s in you to dream big, then dream big and live a large life. If that’s not your make-up, live according to the pattern that suits you best. Live a real life and not just from a material stand point. Dare to see yourself as your best self and attempt to live from that place even before you get there. Often times, there is a gravitational pull that tries to keep us where we are currently at. Fight to grow beyond this, no matter the cost. There is always a rich reward on the other side of this battle. Start writing out your story today.