2018 Starts Now!

We are now getting to the home stretch of 2017. And we have a powerful decision to make that will position us for a great New Year. We can decide TODAY to begin doing the things that we are telling ourselves (and others) that we will do once the clock strikes midnight and we enter into 2018. While I’m all about celebrating a New Year, I more concerned about you getting into gear so that you truly have something to celebrate above a date change. A new year means nothing if you haven’t begun the HARD WORK of proactively moving toward your goals. There’s a little more than a month left in 2017 and you have the tremendous opportunity to create Compound Momentum. Similar to compound interest, Compound Momentum is a force that will multiply the initial effort you began with.

I’ll give you an example. I am working on my second book and I’ve made a commitment to write everyday. I don’t set a time or word limit, my goal is just to get something new on paper everyday. As I commit to this goal and carry out its execution, I form a habit and I train my mind to be prepared to write. When I first started this process it was hard to hit my daily goal of writing, but now it’s becoming second nature. I don’t have to work as hard to write and this frees up my creativity. I like to think of this free flowing creativity as the interest I earning on my initial investment of consistency!

Think about where in your life you would like to see your effort compounded in 2018. Maybe in your relationships, career, business, or philanthropy. If you make that initial investment of effort now and stick to it, you will see the results you desire in the new year and probably over and above that.