Declare Your Own Independence!

One of the things that makes the US great is that it promotes the idea of independence, that is, that if you work hard enough for long enough, you can be your own boss. There are thousands, if not millions of people in the world who have realized the goal of being an independent person. And by independent person, I mean someone who has figured out a way to make their own decisions without fear of the consequences. The average person finds themselves enslaved by a job, a system, and a way of thinking that limits them from realizing their fullest potential. They have to go with the status quo because they aren’t saving money, nor continually networking for new opportunities, nor investing in their own vision.

An independent person knows that they have much more to offer than what their current station in life dictates. They also refused to be limited by a job title or perceived social status. They continue to strive to realize their vision and are focused on building assets that their progeny will be able to utilize for 100 years or more. Even if you find yourself working for someone else at the moment or having to participate in a system that isn’t beneficial for your ultimate welfare, you can declare your own independence and fight day after to day to eventually obtain freedom. independence starts with a state of mind and then it translates into reality.


Ask for Help after You’re Successful

When I first started doing music, I would get so frustrated because many of the people that I asked for help turned me down. And it wouldn’t always be a hard rejection. I recall instances of producers and other musicians giving me their numbers saying “let’s work”, and when I reached out, they played dumb or didn’t return my calls all-together. I was forced to build my own studio, make my own beats, and record myself. After I released my first album, people begin to see that I was really serious and some of my old phone calls got returned. When I started booking my own shows, a few more calls started coming in. I was still very rough around the edges, but people were attracted to my work ethic and potential. They saw that I was having success on my own.

Years later, I would come to understand that my music career was a start up business. Although I didn’t know it at the time, through my small successes I was demonstrating Proof of Concept to those watching me (who would later become investors in my business). Every start up must go through this phase. Before you reach out to investors, supporters, or ask for any other type of hand up in general, it’s important to establish that your idea works either fiscally or that it can become popular. Once you do this, you won’t have to do as much reaching out for help. Investors will be attracted to what you are doing because they can see that it works.

Waiting until you are successful on your own puts you in a position of power. Success gives you options and you can chose who you want to work with as oppose to being desperate.


Find Your Power

Power respects power. We are in a world where some people and institutions use it in a way that hurts others. There are those that use their power for good, but sometimes that can be hard to find. I tend to lean toward the opinion that it’s important to find our own sources of power instead of waiting for someone in a position of power to help us. If those who already have power decide to lend a helping hand, great. But it is wise not to hold ones breath in expectation. The case is usually that people and institutions with power like to interact with those who have the same characteristic. This presents a dilemma for the average person, small business, or group of people. What I advise is that people discover what makes them unique and harness that power to level the playing field in their favor. Perhaps you have a tremendous amount of charisma and are able to inspire people like none other. Or maybe you have a great network of people that you are surrounded by. There are some people who have an incredible prayer life and connection to the Most High, through that they are able to maintain a higher perspective on life. I suggest that whatever power you have at your disposal, you find a way to maximize it and use it to the utmost of its potential. Then you will begin to gain the respect of others that have tapped into their power.