Sharp Skills unveils covert art for 4th album “On My Rebel Ish”

The official album cover for my 4th album, On My Rebel Ish, releasing on 8.26.16. Pre-order the album today on Google Play and Amazon by visiting the links below. The first 50 people to purchase the album will be entered into a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card. To be entered, take a screen shot of your purchase and tag me on either Facebook or Instagram. My handle for both platforms is @thesharpskills. Artwork done by Adrian Sims, Blend.

Pre-order On My Rebel Ish  on Google Play

Pre-order On My Rebel Ish on Amazon 


One Common Characteristic of Great People

A lot of the biographies that I’ve read about successful people usually share one common characteristic. At one point in time, these people had to overcome the valley of rejection. It was in these times that they fortified themselves and found something deep inside that caused them to keep pushing even when others didn’t believe in them. It’s hard to overcome rejection, of any form. But I’m starting to see that it is a prerequisite for almost everyone who wants to be great in life (and thereafter). You have to have a strong flame in order to leave a lasting impact, one that will not be put out by the harsh winds of life, indifference of those around you, and the flat out opposition you will face. One has to remain positive in the vast ocean of negativity and mediocrity that so many people accept. And this is no easy task, but then again, if it was easy everyone would do it.


Will Yourself to Victory

We cannot rely on emotions to overcome challenging circumstances. There comes a point when we have to reach deep down on the inside and push past how we feel. There will always be reasons why we can’t or shouldn’t accomplish something, but setting our will in the right direction will allow us to plow through our doubts, fears, and the hindering opinions of others. Looking to God enables us to keep victory in view despite what reality tells us at the moment. Instead of letting life dictate your outcome, be proactive and apply some force on life. What you and I envision will not fall into our laps by mere chance, it requires intense focus and thoughtful action.