One Common Characteristic of Great People

A lot of the biographies that I’ve read about successful people usually share one common characteristic. At one point in time, these people had to overcome the valley of rejection. It was in these times that they fortified themselves and found something deep inside that caused them to keep pushing even when others didn’t believe in them. It’s hard to overcome rejection, of any form. But I’m starting to see that it is a prerequisite for almost everyone who wants to be great in life (and thereafter). You have to have a strong flame in order to leave a lasting impact, one that will not be put out by the harsh winds of life, indifference of those around you, and the flat out opposition you will face. One has to remain positive in the vast ocean of negativity and mediocrity that so many people accept. And this is no easy task, but then again, if it was easy everyone would do it.

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Incremental Success

More times than not, it’s the little decisions that we make consistently over a long period of time that produce the greatest dividends. Every now and then we get big windfalls of opportunity and success, but even those can be traced back to sowing little seeds of greatness day by day. We live in a time where everything is sensationalized in order to gain attention, but no one’s life is epic all of the time. We need to fall back in love with doing the simple things that lead to success and doing them over and over again. We will find that our consistent small efforts will gain momentum just like making regular little investments will eventually gain greater returns.